Jesuit Online Bibliography

Development Team


The Jesuit Online Bibliography database, publicly launched in March 2019, was developed at Boston College Libraries in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies. Staff from the Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu and the Jesuitica Project at KU Leuven provided regular consultations during the process.


The database was built using open source technology and features a Ruby on Rails framework with a Blacklight discovery interface, PostgreSQL, and Solr index. All of the code used for this database is available in the Libraries' GitHub repository.


Boston College Libraries

Jesse Martinez, Library Applications Developer

Ben Florin, Senior Library Applications Developer

Sarah DeLorme, Associate Digital Scholarship Librarian

Anna Kijas, Senior Digital Scholarship Librarian

John O’Connor, Scholarly Communications Librarian

Margaret Critch, Metadata Librarian


Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies

Alessandro Corsi, Digital Scholarship Editor

Cristiano Casalini, Research Scholar