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La primera Congregación General de la Compañía de Jesús tras la restauración de 1814: de las perturbaciones anteriores a su comienzo al rescrito di Pio VII (1820)

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La Compagnie de Jésus des Anciens Régimes au monde contemporain (XVIII-XX siècles)
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Ecole Française de Rome
Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu
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The Twentieth General Congregation of the Society of Jesus, held in 1820, was one of the greatest challenges that the Society had faced since its inception. Its very identity was at stake, precisely when it had to elect a new Superior General, six years after its restoration, and after the death of the first general of the restored Society, Tadeusz Brzozowski. The assembled fathers had been the protagonists of a period of suppression for the Society that had reflected both its significance and weaknesses in the post-revolutionary period. This chapter explores the diversity of the assembled fathers, in terms of their geographical origins, their formation background, as well as their knowledge of the Society. It discusses, further, two striking aspects of the Congregation: first, the fear among some members about the possible election of the follower of an ominous personality in Rome, Nicolò Paccanari (1773–1811); second, the loyalty to the Society displayed by the majority of the assembled in contrast to the manipulations of a small group, and the Congregation’s appeal to the Pope that it be allowed to follow faithfully the Constitutions of the Society.

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